• DO the waterbuses to and from Venice always work?

    Yes, the waterbuses on Venice-Lido city center route (Piazza San Marco, Rialto, Giardini Biennale) have service 24 hours 24.7 days of 7: the night (from 23pm to 6 am) become less frequent but still operational.

  • Can I get by car to Lido?

    Yes, The Lido is the only island of the historic center of Venice who has roadway.The ferryboat is a good service that connects Tronchetto(Venice) to Lido with a run every 50 minutes (go to the "Location" section). You can also book the run up to 3 hours before departure at the callcenter +39 0412424.The last ferryboat for car on Tronchetto route - Lido is at 1:10 am and the first at 550 am.Go to the "Location" section for the timetable.

  • I land at the airport Marco Polo of Venezia.Which is the fastest way to reach the b & b?

    With the shuttle called ALILAGUNA (Blue or Red line) .Go to the "Location" section for timetables.

  • I arrive by train to Saint Lucia railway Station in Venezia.Which is the fastest way to reach the B & B?

    With the ACTV N ° 5.1 or 5.2

  • How much is the ticket for the ACTV? Can I buy them online?

    The cheapest way is to buy the "combined ticket" .. You can also buy online www.veneziaunica.it or in the many offices in the city (and also on LIDO).

  • I booked a room with a "shared bathroom" .. With how many guests will I share it?

    The rooms with shared bathroom are 2 then you will share the bathroom with another couple.In the bathroom are "disposable wipes cover water" for greater hygiene and the bathroomis cleaned every mid-morning.

  • Can I book a parking lot?

    No, you can make a request and if there 'availability (lots are 3) will be reserved for a lotto.Otherwise you can still park for free in the adjacent streets to the B & B(safe area).

  • What kind of breakfast do you serve?

    We try to serve a breakfast that can satisfy as many customers but by adhering to the rules in force in Italy that does not allow us to work food (fried eggs and bacon for example) We serve freshly baked croissants, fresh cut, ham, salami and cheese, boiled eggs , cereals, yogurt, fresh and toasted bread, jams, honey and single-serve chocolate, fruit juices, tea, coffee and cappuccino.

  • I'm celiac.

    There is no problem!!In the booking form( in the NOTES )or when you make the check in for the keys please require suitable foods to your needs and we will try to accommodate you in the best way.

  • Do you accept animals?

    No, sorry: we do not accept any kind of animal, even if small.

  • There is a concierge service?

    No.This is a "bed and breakfast" so you will not have a doorman or a concierge.Stefano will be available 24 hours 24 by phone in addition to being present every morning for breakfast and every CHECK IN of guests.

  • Can I leave my luggage in a safe place after check out?

    Yes, usually we let the Guests the chance to leave the luggage (for free) after the check out time in order to allow him to enjoy the Lido and Venice to the last.

  • Are we free to return to the B & B at any time?

    Yes: once you check in you will receive the keys and you will be free to re-enter the room at any time.We only ask to be quiet.

  • I will be arriving very late at nigh.Isit a problem for the check in?

    No, it is usually not a problem..However, we ask you to keep in close contact with Stefano (by phone, text or email) so 'to limit delays or mistakes.